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Paradise Beach

Paradise Beach in Cozumel is one of the oldest known beaches. But if you have not been there in a while you will be very suprised to see that it is now one of the nicest beach destinations to visit when in Cozumel. They recently had a huge renovation and added a big swimming pool and all new facilities including watersports activities. Entrance is only $3 per person so it is very much worth while. Paradise beach in Cozumel is the pace to be.

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Chankanaab Beach

Chankanaab beach & marine Park in Cozumel is one of the most popular tourist destinations on Cozumel. Its Famous natural park with lagoon, white sand beach, archaeological gardens & bar offer tourist a place to spend the whole day exploring the grounds and encountering different animals and enjoying the surrounding nature that Cozumel Offers.Only a 10 minute taxi ride from the Ship.

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Mr Sanchos Beach Club

Mr Sanchos Beach Club in Cozumel has a beach bar and restaurant with gift shops, horse-riding and ATV tours.This is a well managed property right on the beach. with white sand and lots of activities for the whole family. Only a 5 minute taxi ride form the cruise ship terminal the Cozumel beach is a great place to spend the day.

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Playa San Martin

When in Cozumel and looking for a beach. the best place to look is on the backside of the island. you will find Long stretch of wild, unspoiled white sand beach with a restaurant and bar.Stunning views across the Caribbean on the windward east side of the island. You need to rent a jeep or take a taxi to get here but is well worth the effort.Playa San martin beach In Cozumel.

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Mar 07, 2011
Playa San martin is a long section of beach on the other side of this island. it is a great escape from the busier beaches and well worth the time to get there.

Mar 07, 2011
I always rent a jeep in cozumel and go to this beach. it used to be alot less crowded but now everyone if seeing how great it is. oh well. the secrets out :)

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San Fransisco Beach

San Fransisco Beach beach in Cozumel has been a long time favorite for many that have been coming to Cozumel island. This beach has been around a long time and is more suited for those that want to little more out of the way beach rather than a highly populated beach with lots of tourist. Soft white sand entry into the water, swimming pool and bar. A nice out of the way ,not to crowded beach.

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Playa Mia Beach

Playa Mia Beach Club is a Large theme park style Cozumel beach with various attractions.Plenty of room for fun in the sun. They have water sport equipment for rent and offer a all inclusive package including open bar and buffet. You can choose just to have the day pass and purchase food and drink as well. this is a popular tour that is always offered by the cruise ships or you can take a taxi there in 5 minutes and pay an entry and the gate. The have a inflatable pyramid in the water to climb. good snorkeling and kayaks and snorkel gear to rent.

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Jul 16, 2011
Playa Mia was alot of fun. we brought the whole family there. there beach set was great and the all inclusive package really made the day great. we loved it!!

Jul 01, 2013
This beach rocks! For some reason all the hot girls go there... Must be something in the water.

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Reviews on Beaches in Cozumel Post a Review

Coconuts This place has been around for quite a while. I first went there about 15 years ago and it has gone from being a real Secret Spot to a favorite to many, But it is still quite unknown to a lot of people and for some would truly be a new find. Coconuts in Cozumel is a Bar off the beaten path on the far side of the Island. To get there you have to either hire a van in a group and have the driver stay there with you or rent a jeep or Buggy and drive there yourself. I always rent a Jeep or Buggy when in Cozumel because there is just too much to see not too. As you drive around the Island to the other side, you will find miles and miles of untouched beaches to explore. There is no power on this side of the island so there is very little development. However a few places are open, one Being Coconuts. they operate with a generator so they can offer some basic services like cold Beers and food. To find Coconuts you will eventually see a small parking lot of the side of the road. once you park, you will have to walk up a small hill and as you come out of the path you will see a small bar. it overlooks a cliff and has a spectacular view of the Caribbean sea. The funny thing is the reason why they call it coconuts. Over the years many tourists have visited the place and as you will find out it usually draws a fun crowd. many of the visitors have posted pictures in the photo albums that line the bar. Many of them topless photos, hence the term Coconuts. If you're visiting Cozumel anytime soon, make sure to put this one on your list. This is a pic of the Bar at Coconuts

May 26, 2017

Cozumel doesnt have any beaches near the cruise terminal but only 5 minutes drive away you will find many beaches and resorts to enjoy. my new favorite which is actually one of the oldest beaches in Cozumel is Paradise beach. they recently renovated the whole beach and it is by far my favorite and offers swimming pool and beach facilities for only about $3 per person. On your next stop to Cozumel

Jul 23, 2015

I love Cozumel. My favorite cruise destination. Every time i go there i feel like my vacation has finally arrived. I have a routine. I go to my favorite Secret spot for lunch downtown. i call it a secret spot because they have the best food and if i tell you then i will get to crowded. sorry. Then i head to Blue Angel Resort. Have a few beers and take a swim in the ocean or relax by the Pool.

Jul 01, 2014

Wanna try something different in Cozumel? I took the ferry to Playa del Carmen today. What a good idea. Playa has the most beautiful beaches, great shopping and just an overall great atmosphere. Because it is not a cruise port you have so many more international travelers there and it makes it for a very unique day. I highly recommend it but keep and eye on your watch because the ferry runs every hour and you don't want to miss your ship. So get off early and have a great day. The ferry is $26 round trip.

Feb 06, 2014

The Island of Cozumel Mexico consistently has delivered fun memorable vacations over the past 12 years that i have been cruising there. The people are friendly, the Island is safe despite the very few stories you have have heard in the news. The food is fantastic and the beaches are plentiful. Now if you have only been there once or twice you probably might be saying " I disagree" but let me tell you. you Cant say you know Cozumel if you have only been there once. You cant say you really know any destination by only going there once. You have to do different things, take all the tours, eat at all the restaurants and explore the entire destination to be able to truly say you know it. Over the past 12years i have been to Cozumel cruising it has always delivered!

Sep 04, 2012

This week we missed port again due to bad weather, we were meant to go to Key west but got diverted to Cozumel. Like i said in my last post. what a wonderful thing. As Cozumel Mexico is a great place to visit. we went to the Blue Angel resort for the day and loved every minute of it.

Jun 27, 2012

We have lots of reviews at www.cruiselinefans.com including mine of the Atlantis sub.

Feb 06, 2012

Try El Cid Resort. it is right near the Pier and it offers a lot of services really close to the ship. We got a couples massage right next to the beach that I will never forget.

Jun 17, 2010

Playa Mia is a great beach for the whole family. They have these huge hammics where you will fall asleep in and never want to get up from.

Jun 17, 2010

Drive around the island and you will find miles of beaches all to yourself.

Jun 17, 2010

The beaches in Cozumel are great. It doesnt really matter where you go. The island is amazing. Personally i like to go the the beaches that are more out of the way. Places like Mr Sanchos and San Fransisco beach are worth a visit.

Jun 17, 2010

I always rent a jeep and drive to the other side of the island. there is miles of untouched beaches and the water is so nice. sometimes there are good size waves too.If you are ever there this is a mu

Jun 13, 2010
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