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Beaches in Key West

Dog Beach

Dog beach in key West is a pet friendly beach located next to Louise backyard. The beach doesn't have many facilities or restaurants and does not have any bathrooms facilities either.

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South Beach

South beach is the most popular beach on Key West and is at the end of Duval street so if you are planning to take a walk on Duval just keep going and you will reach South beach. They have a restaurant there with Volleyball courts. The beach is nice and has soft white sand. There are tennis courts across the street.

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Smathers Beach

Smather's beach in Key West is a Half mile stretch of sandy man-made beach. There are Restrooms and parking facilities along with many concession stands You can rent beach chairs and other water sport activities. the beach has volley courts and bike paths. you can also enjoy para sailing and windsurfing at Smathers beach.

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Higg's Beach

Higg's Beach in Key west a White sandy beach with long wooden pier. There are Restroom facilities, covered picnic tables, and restaurants at the beach as well as water sport rental companies.

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Rest Beach

Rest beach in key west and soft white sand and calm waters. You will find many people fishing off the Pier. The beach has Picnic tables and restrooms.

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Key west doesn't have to many nice beaches as it is most coral reef. however there are a few and if you are just looking to lay on the sand and do some swimming or work on your tan then what they offer will do you just fine. and you could even walk to the beach from the ship if you are ok with about a 30 minute walk down Duval Street. Bring some sun screen as the walk is long and it gets Hot!

Jun 10, 2014

check out the Rum Barrel restaurant in key west. they have the best tacos! just ask any of the locals where it is. great food ,service and free wifi...

Feb 04, 2013

This week in Key West we are going bike riding. The streets of Key West are really easy to navigate and are a lot of fun to ride around on with bikes. On your way back take a stroll down Duval Street and watch the bar hopping tourist stumble back to the ship.

May 13, 2012

Key west is so beautiful, just getting off the ship and going for a walk around town. there are so many nice bars and restaurants, beautiful homes with so many flowers and plants. put on your walking shoes and get out there in Key west. try the key lime pie.

Jan 25, 2012

This wasnt the best beach of our trip but we had great weather and the beach was very comfortable.

Jun 18, 2010

The beach wasn't the best but we did'nt expect it to be. Key west is a better place to shop and walk around town. Overall we had a great day though. I love Key West!

Jun 16, 2010
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Info on Key West

Key West

This flower-scented little city/island is a haven for famous writers, former hippies, struggling artists, sun seekers, and tourists from all over the world. They like the relaxed pace, the storybook architecture, the carnival-like street life, and they are drawn to Mallory Square every evening to applaud the incredible sunsets.

The island of Key West is just 2 miles wide by 4 miles long, and  is one of about a thousand coral islets in an archipelago that stretches 126 miles southward from Miami. It is linked to the mainland by the Overseas Highway, which ribbons its way across 34 of the islands with over 42 bridges, the largest one spanning 7 miles.

The U.S. government acquired Key West from Spain in the early 1800's. During those days, most of the isolated islanders made their living as wreckers and pirates, diving for the booty from ships that wrecked on the coral reefs offshore. Business waned in the mid-1800's: There were fewer wrecks after the government built lighthouses. So the economy turned to shrimping, fishing, sponging and cigar making with the help of Cuban dissidents who had fled their island and Spanish rule. During the Spanish-American War and World War I, major military installations were built on the island. In the 1920's much of the local economic base began to fade as the military left and the cigar industry moved northward to Tampa

Key West is really a tropical garden. As you stroll around, you'll notice palm trees shading peaceful verandas, big rubber trees and Norfolk Island pines, banyan trees with their dramatic aerial roots and red mangroves whose odd roots reach out into the ocean.

You' will find streets  with royal poinciana and fragrant from the frangipani. Fruit trees - papaya, avocado, banana and, of course, key lime - are everywhere. Rub some healing aloe on your sunburn. Check the mahogany trees to see if orchids have attached themselves.

Restaurants in Key West
Seafood is Key West's local mainstay and much of it is fresh from nearby waters. Florida lobster and stone crabs are good choices, as is conch, a chewy shellfish best served in soups or as fritters (it's deep-fried in a spicy batter).

Many of the restaurants in Key West have been influenced by Cuba and other parts of the Caribbean and serve what is known as Floribbean-style cuisine. The Best Dessert in Key West is key lime pie, which has a tart custard filling and a graham-cracker crust.

Shopping in Key West

Shopping Hours: Daily 9 am-5 pm, though some shops are open late.
The streets are full of stores selling everything from T-shirts to cat memorabilia to original artwork. Old Town is where both funky and pricey boutiques are scattered.

Key West

Discover a city where real estate titles date back to the Kings of Spain. Stroll the palm-lined streets and discover gingerbread mansions, tin-roofed conch houses, the John Audubon House and Ernest Hemingway's home.

Walk in the footsteps of famous people like Thomas Edison, Lou Gehrig, Harry Truman and Tennessee Williams. Gaze at the fabled treasure of the galleon Atocha. Discover tomorrow's fine art treasures by Key West's well-known and unknown artists.

Only in Key West would the sun shine brightest when it sets. Everyone gathers for the never planned, always varied Sunset Celebration on the Mallory Dock. Once the sun is safely tucked away by jugglers, mimes, musicians and street artists, the city moves to a different beat. A night beat.
The streets, filled with sidewalk cafes, open-air bars, legendary pubs and world-class restaurants come alive. Gourmets and gourmands alike treat their palates to island specialties. Drama, musicals and comedy flourish on our stages.
However you choose to see the town, you'll discover that old town Key West is one of America's true architectural and botanical treasures.
On even the tiniest lanes, the locals have faithfully restored old wooden homes and adorned them with lush tropical trees and flowers.
New restaurants and stores are popping up in historic Bahama Village, which was settled in the 19th Century by Bahamian immigrants. Hemingway loved coming here to mix with the hard-working locals at boxing matches and arm-wrestling contests.


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