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Top Restaurants & Bars in Zihautanejo
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Restaurants & Bars in Zihautanejo

Carlos n' Charlie's

Take a trip to Ixtapa and stop by the Carlos N Charlies on the beach. A great place to eat and drink and the beach has some great waves for boogy boarding too.

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One of Zihuatanejo's landmark restaurants located in a historical building offering fine cuisine, courtyard dining, a friendly bar, and frequent live entertainment as well as cultural events

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La Playa Bar

Popular hangout and sportsbar offering ice-cold beer (Corona, no Sol) and favorite spirits including mixed drinks. A great place to make friends and relax as well as to enjoy favorite sports and other popular programs via satellite TV

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Bandido's Restaurant

Restaurant and bar where you can mingle with the locals and enjoy refreshingly cold drinks and delicious Mexican lunches, dinners & appetizers in downtown Zihuatanejo

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Kau-Kan Restaurant

Romantic gourmet dining overlooking La Madera Beach and Zihuatanejo Bay. Chef/owner Ricardo knows all the right touches to create a dining sensation! Find them on the scenic road to La Ropa Beach (above the Hotel Irma).

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Info on Zihautanejo


Zihuatanejo is a quaint fishing port beautifully situated between two promontories. It boasts more than 16 miles of beaches and semitropical weather all year round. Mountains rising abruptly behind the town add to the scenic beauty. Often compared to the Acapulco of fifty years ago, Zihuatanejo has experienced some modernization while managing to retain its village charm and way of life. The main plaza faces the ocean; from here the town spreads out, covering just a few square blocks. Its streets are lined with shops and restaurants that are all within easy walking distance from the pier.

Long before Columbus sailed to America, Zihuatanejo (originally Cihuatlan) was a sanctuary for indigenous nobility. In 1527, Spanish conquistadors launched a trade route from Zihuatanejo Bay to the Orient; galleons returned with silks and spices. According to some historians, the first coconut palms to be introduced to America arrived here from the Philippines.

While Zihuatanejo strives to preserve its quaint look and laid-back way of life, the modern computer-planned resort of Ixtapa is only five miles away. Here are luxury hotels, miles of beaches, an 18-hole championship golf course and upscale shopping malls. Ixtapa has managed to co-exist nicely with quaint Zihuatanejo, and it is this contrast that endears the place to visitors.


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