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Beaches in Zihautanejo

Ixtapa Island

Ixtapa Island is one of the Ixtapa Zihuatanejo area's most popular attractions. The island's beaches are well known for water sports such as snorkeling, para-sailing, jet skiing, wave runner and banana boat rides, as well as the excellent seafood restaurants. Ixtapa Island is home to exotic fishes and tropical birds.

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La Playa del Puerto

La Playa del Puerto (aka La Playa Principal and La Playa Municipal) is the beach in front of downtown Zihuatanejo.The beach isn't the best place for swimming due to the proximity of so many fishing boats and their associated pollution.

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Playa Las Gatas

If you like snorkeling then Playa Las Gatas is ideal whether you're a beginner or an old-hand. It is accessible either by footpath along the coast from the end of Playa La Ropa or by water taxi for 35 pesos round trip from Zihuatanejo's municipal pier.

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Playa Manzanillo

Another fairytale beach is Playa Manzanillo which is between Playa Larga and the bay of Zihuatanejo. It\\\'s possible to walk there but only for the stout and sturdy adventuresome. It\\\'s much more convenient to hire a boat at the pier.

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Jun 13, 2014
This is such a cool beach. very isolated and only accessible by a narrow rocky path or by boat. Zuhuatanejo is one of the nicest and coolest and most relaxed beaches and cruise destinations i have ever been. i wish the cruise lines like Carnival cruise lines would decide to back to Zihuatanejo. You can get fresh Lobster and fish sea food right out of the ocean served to you on the beach.

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Playa Ropa

Playa Ropa is in the Bay of Zihuatanejo which is about a mile long with usually mild waves making it perfect for swimmers and non-swimmers alike.

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When it comes to planning ahead when you go on vacation or on a cruise for that matter. It absolutely does matter. When you are on a cruise you usually only get 6-8 hours in port. Thinking that you will be able to arrive without any plans on what you are going to do is wrong. You spend a lot of money on your vacations, Plan ahead. research the destinations, Find out the basics on what are available and how much things cost. I always said that planning a vacation is almost as fun as taking one.Find some good websites like www.cruiseportconnection.com and browse through all the ports of call. check out your options. I have met so many people over the years that had no idea what to expect. they booked there cruise because they thought it sounded nice but it wasn't the port they expected. remember if you like Beaches, or if you like Shopping, Pick your destinations based on what you like. There are so many cruise choices out there. sometimes cost is the reason for booking a cruise but f it is going to take you to a place that you wont like then you might not have such a good time. Plan ahead and have a great time!

Sep 04, 2012

Playa las gats is a great place to hang out for the day. You will feel like you are on another planet. The people are so laid back. The food and drinks are cheap and excellent

Jun 21, 2010
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Info on Zihautanejo


Zihuatanejo is a quaint fishing port beautifully situated between two promontories. It boasts more than 16 miles of beaches and semitropical weather all year round. Mountains rising abruptly behind the town add to the scenic beauty. Often compared to the Acapulco of fifty years ago, Zihuatanejo has experienced some modernization while managing to retain its village charm and way of life. The main plaza faces the ocean; from here the town spreads out, covering just a few square blocks. Its streets are lined with shops and restaurants that are all within easy walking distance from the pier.

Long before Columbus sailed to America, Zihuatanejo (originally Cihuatlan) was a sanctuary for indigenous nobility. In 1527, Spanish conquistadors launched a trade route from Zihuatanejo Bay to the Orient; galleons returned with silks and spices. According to some historians, the first coconut palms to be introduced to America arrived here from the Philippines.

While Zihuatanejo strives to preserve its quaint look and laid-back way of life, the modern computer-planned resort of Ixtapa is only five miles away. Here are luxury hotels, miles of beaches, an 18-hole championship golf course and upscale shopping malls. Ixtapa has managed to co-exist nicely with quaint Zihuatanejo, and it is this contrast that endears the place to visitors.


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