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Goldsmith Gallery

Sitka's finest jewelry store specializing in custom-made gold jewelry, natural gold nuggets, and repair service. Chris and Tamara Fondell have operated the Goldsmith Gallery in Sitka since October of 1990. They now own and operate both Goldsmith Gallery and Sitka Jewelers, the only locally-owned jewelry stores in town. Expanding their business to the internet has allowed them to bring their innovative jewelry and "Home-town Jeweler" customer service to fine folks all over the world.

407 Lincoln Street Sitka , 800-360-5744

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Abby's Reflection Apparel & Quiltworks

Abby’s Reflection Apparel & Quiltworks is Sitka’s quilt shop. Abby’s is the premiere shop in Alaska for “Alaska theme” 100% cotton fabric, quilting supplies, locally designed quilt patterns and quilt kits, locally designed cross stitch kits and Alaska souvenir apparel. We are located across the street from the St. Michael’s Russian Orthodox Church in picturesque downtown Sitka, Alaska. Abby’s Reflection is proud to feature “Sitka” fabric that was designed exclusively for Abby’s Reflection.

231 Lincoln Street Sitka , 907-747-3510

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Alaska Raptor Center Gift Shop

Every item you purchase from the Alaska Raptor Center Gift Shop helps us fulfill our mission of rehabilitating injured bald eagles and other wild birds, educating the public about the birds and environmental and conservation, and conducting bald eagle research. We like to call this "guilt-free shopping" since every dollar that you spend goes directly to help the resident birds and wild patients at the Alaska Raptor Center. The Alaska Raptor Center in Sitka, Alaska is a non-profit wild bird hospital.

1000 Raptor Way Sitka , 907-747-8662

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Russian American Company

Museum-quality Russian lacquer boxes and matryoshka nesting dolls are two highlights of our shops and our website. As direct importers, we also offer a large and affordable selection of unique Russian folk art and handcrafts. The Russian American Company is an authorized dealer of contemporary Faberge jewelry including a selection of exquisite Faberge egg pendants in 18k gold with lustrous enamel and fine faceted diamonds.

407 Lincoln Street Sitka , 800-742-6228

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Fairweather Gallery and Gifts

Our locally produced hand painted and hand screened clothing or “wearable art” is our signature, known throughout this great state. We also, in pursuit of creativity far and wide, are honored to offer numerous crafts and art- many of which are hand-crafted in Alaska. Of the visual feast that you encounter upon entering our store; the vast majority is crafted by hand. We offer your senses a wide, hand picked variety of jewelry, accessories and craft items from around the world. Take some of that creative expression home to enrich your own life!

308 Monastery St. Sitka , 907-747-8677

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There wasn't to much to see or do while in Sitka. Cute little town though.

Jun 19, 2010
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Info on Sitka

History of Sitka, Alaska

 History, culture and wildlife blend in the Sitka area. As the former capital of Russian Alaska, Sitka, on Baranof Island, is where humans and wildlife have harmonized for thousands of years.

The Kiksadi Clan of the Tlingit Indians chose what is now called Baranof Island as their home, establishing a community at what is present-day Sitka. The Tlingits lived undisturbed until 1799, when Russian explorers arrived and Alexander Baranof, Manager of the Russian-American Company, built a fort a few miles to the north. After a series of clashes, the Tlingits attacked and destroyed the Russian outpost in 1802. But Baranof retaliated and soon pushed the natives from the area.

The Russians renamed the settlement New Archangel. The Russian Orthodox Church spread its influence into the area and built fortress-like structures on a hilltop overlooking the shoreline; this area is now known as Castle Hill.
Rich wildlife resources in this area allowed the Russian-American Company to flourish - for a time it was the most profitable fur trader in the world. But over harvest of sea otters and other animals caused the Russians to lose interest in the new world. In 1867, the United States purchased Alaska from the Russians for $7.2 million. The transfer ceremony occurred in Sitka. Today, the Sitka culture is a blend of Tlingit, Russian and American.

Sitka Alaska Wildlife:

Sitka is one of the world's best places to view wildlife. The surrounding waters provide important feeding grounds for many species of whale. Sea otters, sea lions and other marine wildlife are abundant in this area. Summertime provides wonderful opportunities to view many kinds of sea birds. On St. Lazaria Island, a federal wildlife refuge at the mouth of Sitka Sound, sea birds nest and raise their young on sheer volcanic cliffs where they are easy to spot. You can always see puffins, murres, petrels and other species.

Axtivities in Sitka

Sitka Historic National Park has the largest collection of Tlingit and Hiada totem poles in the world. The park weaves through the forest and along Indian River.

Sitka is surrounded by the largest temperate rain forest in the world. The Tongass National Forest.

world-class salmon and halibut fishing attracts anglers from all over the world

Backpackers, photographers and hikers delight at seeing wildlife at almost every turn.


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