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Tours in

Anchorage Alaska Scenic 2-Hr City Tour

Setting out from your hotel in Anchorage, we will begin our tour at the Port of Anchorage and Ship Creek. Take in the views of the city from the port as your guide explains the history behind our port of Anchorage and the area at Ship Creek. Next we will travel past the busiest seaplane base in the world, Lake Hood, through Bootleggers Cove, on our way to Earthquake Park. The park is built on an area hit hardest by the 1964 Earthquake, which with a magnitude of 9. 2, is the most powerful earthquake recorded in all of N America and second in the world. Follow your guide through Earthquake Park to see the site of the memorial and to get an idea of what happened to the land as it broke apart and slid into the Cook Inlet. Cook Inlet views and pictures from here are a favorite for guests! Lastly, take a scenic drive up to Flat Top Mountain, rising more than 3500 feet above Anchorage, which is home to many Alaskan animals including our favorite, moose! Look for moose in the valley, view the breathtaking views of the city and experience Flat Top Mountain. A short walk will take you to the overlook where you will be able to get beautiful views in the Chugach Mountains! From here, we will return down the hill to Anchorage where drop offs will be made at several hotels.

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Explore Alaska 6 Night Pre-Cruise Program

This is the best escorted tour to the highlights of Alaska's interior and fits perfectly with ships sailing from Seward on Sundays.

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Train and Iceberg Hike from Anchorage

After making your way to the Alaska Railroad station in downtown Anchorage, you will check in for your train ride to Spencer Whistle Stop on the Glacier Discovery Train.. You will meet your guide on the train as it makes its way to Portage, Whittier (where you will have a chance to stretch your legs) and then doubles back to the Spencer Whistle Stop, arriving at approximately 1:45pm. While on the train, when not enjoying the beautiful scenery, all guests will fill out a hiking application and sign a waiver. The Spencer Glacier is located just South of Portage Valley and the Turnagain Arm in the Kenai Mountains and the Chugach National Forest. It is entirely off the road system, so we ride a train from Anchorage, Girdwood or Portage with breathtaking views of glaciers and towering alpine peaks. The tour is operated under permit from the Chugach National Forest. From the Spencer Whistle Stop, our group of 9 or less per guide, boards a bus for a short dirt road jaunt to our base camp at the lake edge. This saves 2 miles of walking and gets us past the crowds and directly to the most scenic spot. From our base camp, the hike takes us along the lake edge stopping at overlooks to enjoy outstanding views of the glacier and Icebergs floating in the Spencer terminal lake. The total distance from the edge of the lake to the glacier is just over 2 miles (each way) of flat Forest Service maintained trails. We do not walk on the glacier for this hike, but right up to it! Total hiking time is approximately 2 hours 30 minutes. Approximately, 8 hours of the tour is riding the scenic Glacier Discovery Train. Your hike includes many photo and rest stops to learn about interesting local wildlife, history and glaciology. Guests visiting Spencer Glacier with us will surely come away with great photographs and memories, better respect and knowledge about glaciers, mountain weather and the history of Alaska. After the hike, we board the Northbound Glacier Discovery train at approximately 4:40 pm making several stops before returning to the downtown Anchorage train station at approximately 9:15pm. at the end of an incredible day of travel and exploration. Guests must dress in warm comfortable layers with the top layer being waterproof and sturdy hiking boots/walking shoes. One member of each booking should bring a backpack and all guests should have a warm hat, light weight gloves and sunglasses. Cameras and binoculars are strongly recommended. Bear protection, bottled water, a snack and deli lunch will be provided. Additional meals may be purchased on the train. Tour operates in all weather conditions and requires a minimum of 2 guests to book.

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Anchorage Alaska Glacier Walk

Setting out from your hotel in Anchorage, you will drive to the Matanuska-Susitna Valley. located approximately 35 miles north of Anchorage. The valleys were created by the three mountain ranges surrounding hem and shaped by glaciers and the 3 rivers that run through the valleys. Here, you will visit the Matanuska Glacier, a stable 27 mile long river of ancient ice that reaches a width of four miles in parts. It is the largest glacier in the United States that is accessible by a vehicle. Thousands of years old, this massive glacier is tucked up into the Matanuska Valley. You will spend 2 hours on the glacier with your glacier guide learning how the glacier was formed and has shaped the landscape in the Matanuska Susitna Valley. Explore blue meltwater pools, the ice formations and deep crevasses that make up the Matanuska Glacier. Walking on ice is slippery fun so our guests are equipped with a helmet, walking stick and cramp ons for your shoes. We require our guests to bring sturdy footwear and suggest bringing an extra pair of socks. Don't be surprised that your shoes get filthy with glacial flour. This is finely ground rock the glacier has created - it makes for great facials! This tour does require walking for the tour length of 1-1/2 to 2 hours over uneven terrain. We will also stop for lunch where we will overlook the glacier while enjoying some yummy Alaskan fare. After lunch,you will begin the drive back to Anchorage where drop offs will be made at several hotels.

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Ascending Path Climbing Guide Service

Within an hour of Anchorage we can have you glacier hiking, rock and ice climbing and enjoying Alaska on a spectacular guided hike. Whether you’re a first time hiker or experienced ski-mountaineer, have an entire day or just a few hours, we have a variety of day tour adventures for you. Let us share Alaska’s glaciers, wilderness and wildlife at your pace. Great for families, no experience needed!

Anchorage , 907-783-0505

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Regal Air

Flightseeing is one of the most popular activities for visitors to Alaska. And for good reason! Here at Regal Air we specialize in flightseeing tours to many distinct areas in Alaska. We have flightseeing tours to all of the most scenic areas of South Central Alaska including Mt. McKinley in Denali National Park, Knik Glacier, the Blackstone Glacier in scenic Prince William Sound, and many others. Let our experienced Alaskan pilots take you on the flight of your life!

4506 Lakeshore Drive Anchorage , 907-243-8535

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Alaska Botanical Garden

The Alaska Botanical Garden consists of about 110 acres of "boreal forest", with approximately 11 acres of cultivated gardens and interconnecting nature trails. The area surrounding (and including) the Alaska Botanical Garden is habitat for a wide variety of wildlife and is a wonderful place to hike on woodland trails, with evidence of glacial activity and views of the Chugach Mountain Range.

4601 Campbell Airstrip Road Anchorage , 907-770-3692

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Alaska ATV Adventures

Visitors to South-Central Alaska will enjoy the opportunity to ride ATVs among the most spectacular mountains, scenery and wildlife imaginable with Alaska ATV Adventures. Our tours are for the entire family, young, old and in between. Choose guided 4 wheeler tours from 3 hours to full day trips.

, 907-694-4294

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Anchorage on your own

Take advantage of your long stay in Whittier by heading to Anchorage for some free time to shop and sight see at your own pace.

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Alaska Good Time Charters LLC

Day trip fishing and sightseeing charters aboard our 18 passenger 40' boat and 6 passenger 33' boat. Multi-day fishing and sightseeeing charters aboard our 6 passenger 50' boat. You drive boat rentals available from 22-30'- experience required. Alaskan owned and operated - 20 years in the business. Budget to luxury, we have it all. Give us a call today!

, 907-373-7447

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Anchorage Golf Course

The Anchorage Golf Course (AGC), located on the lower hillside of South Anchorage, is a 6600 yard, public 18-hole course. Designed by renowned golf course architect, Bill Newcomb, the course is framed by the magnificent views of the Chugach Mountain Range, the Anchorage city skyline, Cook Inlet, and Denali (or Mt. McKinley) AKA "The Great One." The golf season at AGC runs mid-May to mid-October.

Anchorage , 907-522-3363

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Pangaea Adventures

Join our upbeat, knowledgeable crowd, as we offer a unique means of exploring a remote and stunningly beautiful corner of Alaska. From sea kayaking amongst the icebergs of Prince William Sound to backcountry hiking into the depths of Wrangell-St. Elias National Park, we offer a wholesome array of fun ways to experience the Alaskan wild.

P. O. Box 775 107 N. Harbor Drive Valdez , Alaska , (907)835-8442

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Ididaride Dog Sled Tours

Alaska’s only live sled dog show! Cheer on Alaska’s amazing canine athletes- the dogs of the Iditarod. Witness their intelligence, strength and enthusiasm. Mushers compete head to head with their fastest dog team, best trained lead dog, and quickest checkpoint routine. This exceptional show is filled with music, excitement and lots of laughs. You’ll get a chance to meet the dogs and cuddle with our Alaskan Husky puppies.

185 E Ship Creek Ave. Anchorage , 907-561-6874

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30-mile Circuit City Tour & Mountain Hike - $22.

A 30-mile "low-key" circuit tour of Anchorage and an unguided mountain hike above it for only $22. 15 mile drive each way to/from trailhead. 2.5 hours hiking time. 1pm-4:30pm excursion. Trail is 1.5 miles long. Elevation gain:1,350.' Summit: 3,550.' Great views. Email, call or sign up at Downtown Bicycle Rental @ 4th & C. See more/Pay less with us. www.hike-anchorage-alaska.com

333 W 4th Ave 4th & C Anchorage , Alaska , 907-279-3334

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907 Tours, LLC

Locally owned and operated, 907 Tours, LLC is a quality day tour company offering personalized service to small groups year round from Anchorage, AK. We feature glaciers and wildlife from the world renown scenery of the Turnagain Arm to the Matanuska Glacier. You visit the most popular attractions seasonally available. Admissions are included in our prices. No hidden fees.

2310 Albion Circle AK , Alaska , 907-947-9425

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Portage Glacier Cruise

A short drive from Whittier takes you to scenic Portage Lake where you board the m/v Ptarmigan for an unforgettable cruise. This sightseeing vessel has been specially designed to navigate the iceberg-dotted waters bringing you within 300 yards of Portage Glacier.

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Explorer Glacier Cruise

Spend a magnificent afternoon exploring the calm, protected waters of Prince William Sound, renowned for numerous tidewater glaciers and spectacular scenery.

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Turnagain Arm Tram Tour

Experience Alaska's natural beauty, mountains and history on this tour of Turnagain Arm.

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Kayak Prince William Sound

Experience the natural beauty of a deep water fjord,its waterfalls, rock formations and wildlife while you Kayak.

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Reviews on Tours in Post a Review

My Alaska Cruise experience was amazing. Anchorage ,Juneau,Skagway were all amazing. I took a whale watching tour. Went up the Mt Roberts tramway. Did a salmon fishing tour and rode on the White pass railway in Skagway Alaska. Just being in Alaska makes you feel this great energy of Nature. The Air is clean and fresh, the people are friendly and overall i had a great time. I will probably go back.

Oct 07, 2012

Kayaking Prince william sound was so exciting. We got so close to the Glaciers.

Jun 24, 2010
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Anchorage is the entry point for many Alaska visitors, who fly in to board a cruise ship or climb into rental car and never look back. But this city is well worth visiting. The Alaska Native Heritage Center offers insights into the area's earliest inhabitants, and the Alaska Zoo is the place to see animals you might not spot in the wilderness. The Chugach State Park and Chugach National Forest are within an hour's drive of Anchorage, so you can go hiking, fishing or whale-watching during the day and then kick back in a brew pub or top restaurant at night.

Things to Do

If you visit only one place in Anchorage, make it the Alaska Native Heritage Center. In addition to exhibits, it's an opportunity to forge a personal connection with Native cultures through storytellers, dancers, handicraft workshops and six different dwellings each hosted members of individual Native groups. The Anchorage Museum offers a broad look at Alaskan culture and history, both heavily influenced by the grandeur of the state's wilderness.


Mittens and scarves hand-knitted from soft, gray musk-ox wool are sold at the Oomingmak Musk Ox Cooperative, owned by approximately 200 Native Alaskan members. Carved bone animals, ivory jewelry and exquisitely-woven baskets are sold at the Alaska Native Arts Foundation Gallery, and shops throughout downtown Anchorage display Alaska-made sweaters and mukluks.

Nightlife and Entertainment

The big outdoors is the draw in Anchorage, not nightlife. Still, there are places where you can have a drink, relax and rub shoulders with the locals. Glacier Brewhouse has cask-conditioned ales on tap, the tanks visible through a glass wall. There's also a microbrewery at Moose's Tooth Pub and Pizzeria. Patrons sip Polar Pale Ale inside or fortify themselves with barley wine in the restaurant's year-round outdoor tent.

Restaurants and Dining

Fresh, locally-caught seafood and wood fire-grilled steaks are the specialty in Anchorage, and after a long day exploring the wilderness they taste like the food of the gods.



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