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Astwood Cove

Astwood Cove is a small secluded beach in Warwick Parish. The beach lies under some steep cliffs and has lots of trees for shade. A but far form the cruise terminal but makes a great spot for private relaxing times or if you are staying on the island in one of the near by hotels.

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Elbow Beach

Elbow beach is one of the most popular beaches in Bermuda. It has about a 1 mile stretch of pink sand and amazing blue water for you to enjoy. there are a few hotels right on the beach with many facilities available. If you like to snorkel as well it is a good beach because there is a coral reef just at the end of the shore line.

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Warwick Long Bay

Warwick long beach in Bermuda is located in Warwick Parrish. It is the longest stretch of beach on the island and is enjoyed buy horseback rider,joggers and those just looking to relax on pink sand with calm waters.

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May 24, 2017
Warwick long bay was amazing. It is a secluded beach not far away form the touristy Horseshoe Bay Beach in Bermuda. If you take the Bus to Horseshoe Bay then you can walk all the way to the end of the beach. you will see a path. take that path all way and you will end up at Warwick Long Bay. there is so many little coves surrounded by rocks. you can find your own little private area.

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Clearwater Beach

Clear Water beach in Bermuda is located on Cooper island which used to be an American Air force base. the beach has calm Waters with lifeguards on duty so it make it a perfect place for young families to bring there kids.

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Horseshoe Bay

Horseshoe bay is one of Bermuda's most popular beaches and combines the beauty of a half moon shape of pink sand beautiful clam blue waters. there are many facilities available at Horseshoe bay including food restaurants and bars along with water sport companies renting equipment. it is the most popular beach so during high seasons Horseshoe bay is known to be very crowded.

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Warwick Long Bay Now you might have heard about this place, and maybe even been there, But have you explored the area? Warwick long Bay is a secluded beach area about a mile down the beach from the popular Horseshoe Bay Beach area. If you take the local Bus in Bermuda to Horseshoe Bay just stay on the bus until the next stop. You have to walk down a path for a bit and then you will see the long stretch of beach, usually empty from busy tourist. But if you walk over to right you will start to find hidden paths through the trees that lead to completely private beaches, surrounded by rocks, you can find yourself a hidden getaway to spend the entire day in peace. One of my favorites places i have ever been. Check out the image below

May 26, 2017

Beruda has some of the nicest pink sand beaches in the world. which ever one you pick will be nice.

Jun 22, 2010
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Info on Bermuda

Bermuda is a rich little oasis of pink-sand beaches and sparkling blue waters is simultaneously slightly British, slightly American, and very Bermudian. Whether you've come to unwind on Elbow Beach, shop among the pretty pastels and whites of historic Hamilton, or discover 400 years of history at Fort St. Catherine in St. George, you'll discover a pleasant mix of formal British culture dressed in a pair of Bermuda shorts.

Things to Do

Sit by the bustling waterfront and take in the capital scene in Hamilton or step back in time in St. George. Take a morning swim with the kids at sheltered Tobacco Bay or a sunset dip at Elbow Beach. The clear waters and starched white coves of Warwick Parish are made for scuba diving and snorkelling. Marvel at the subterranean beauty of Crystal Cave. Away from the beach, discover the Verdmont Museum, with its period furnishings, or walk along the Bermuda Railway Trail for a closer look at the island's exotic wildlife.

 Go for a bike ride -- On a rented bicycle, or maybe a moped built for two, explore Bermuda  from end to end. Start in St. George in the East End and go all the way to the Royal Naval Dockyard in the West End, or vice versa. You can do this in 1 day or stretch it out.

 Royal Naval Dockyard -- Around 1850, it was the most visible symbol in the mid-Atlantic of the Imperial power of the British Navy. After the turn of the millennium, it was majestically restored from a dilapidated ruin into a glowing memorial to another age and time.

 Walking down Bermuda's Pink Sand beaches -- The pink sand beaches are reason enough to come to Bermuda. Find your favorite cove (perhaps Whale Bay, Astwood Cove, or Jobson's Cove) and stroll aimlessly at dawn, at twilight, or whenever your fancy dictates.

 Gibbs Hill Lighthouse -- Climb the 185 steps of the oldest cast-iron lighthouse in the world for one of the greatest views of the Atlantic Ocean. Springtime visitors may be lucky enough to see migrating whales beyond the shore reefs.

Bermuda Shopping

All sorts of shops are clustered along Front Street in Hamilton. Under the atrium in The Emporium, you can browse boutiques and jewelry stores, or stroll the Royal Naval Dockyard area on Ireland Island for crafts and island pottery. You can watch local artisans at work at the Bermuda Arts Centre. Comparison shop at the Somers Wharf & Branch Stores along Water Street, for better prices than their Hamilton counterparts.

Designer clothing and accessories, from MaxMara to Louis Vuitton, tend to be sold at prices comparable to those in the United States, but without the sales tax. Crystal, china, watches, and jewelry are often less expensive here and sometimes even on par with American outlet-store prices. Perfume and cosmetics are often sold at discount prices, and there are bargains to be had on woolens and cashmeres in early spring, when stores' winter stocks must go.

Store Hours -- Stores in the City of Hamilton, St. George, and Somerset are generally open Monday through Saturday from 9am to 5:30pm. When large liners are in port, stores sometimes stay open later, and are sometimes open on Sundays.



Nightlife and Entertainment

Many of Bermuda's bars and clubs hug the busy waterfront at Front Street in Hamilton, where Victorian-era balconies offer Atlantic views. The nightlife scene continues in the streets leading uphill from the harbor. Many hotels host steel-drum or calypso bands. The little port of St. George and adjoining St. David's Island are loaded with pubs.

Bermuda Restaurants and Bars

Bermuda embraces a wide swath of American and European cuisines, but fresh seafood is still the default  and best -- choice. Savor spiny lobster and wahoo steak in the elegant dining rooms of Sandys Parish or sink your teeth into shark hash and Bermudian rockfish in the restaurants along Hamilton's Front Street. 


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