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Hard Rock Cafe

The famous Hard Rock chain opened in San Juan some years ago and has been a resounding success. Still popular with tourists, families love the place for lunch or early dinners. Serving a "classic" American cuisine against a backdrop of loud rock music, this member of the American chain packs in the crowds for drinks, burgers and T-shirts. Check out the chain's trademark rock n' roll memorabilia! Well-stuffed sandwiches and juicy burgers are served throughout the day, although many prefer to head here for dinner, filling up on fajitas and barbecued chicken.

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Senor Frogs

we like to have a good time. We like loud music. We like smiling people. Oh, and one more thing, anything goes here so don't be surprised if you do something you've never done before. Just go with it.

, 787-977-4143

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Barachina Restaurant

, 787-725-7912

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Jun 24, 2013
Dragon Fly restaurant in San Juan Puerto Rico is a popular restaurant catering to International clientele. Nice bars with wide selection of drinks, i remember ordering pinacolada and the glass was so huge! Nice place to have a party.

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There is nothing like a spectacular view, to enhance a delicious dining experience. So come and join us at Richie's Café, for a delicious caribbean cuisine, accompanied with one of the most awe-inspiring settings in the Island of Puerto Rico.

CARR 968 Km 2.0 RIO GRANDE , PR , 787-887-1435

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Tantra is on Calle Fortaleza, it is famous for a sophisticated fusion of Latino with South Indian cuisine. Its chef and owner, Indian-born Ramesh Pillai, oversees a blend of slow-cooked tandoori cuisine from South India with Puerto Rico-derived spices, flavor and ingredients.

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Jun 24, 2013
Tantra in San Juan Puerto Rico is a very classy Indian restaurant with authentic Indian foods. Quality foods with cozy ambiance. You can choose to sit on their rustic look wooden tables or choose one of the cabana with beautiful Indian pillows and eat like Indian ways where you sit on the floor lay with beautiful carpets. The lighting are so romantic and they even have belly dancing show.

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Cafe Berlin.Have an excellent puertorican,International and vegetarian cuisine, famous for the original"MANJITOS" , home made breads and desserts. The largest and complete vegetarian menu on the island.Dont miss our famous "SALMON TROPICAL", "MOFONGO" and "MAMPOSTEAO".Come and enjoy one of the oldest restaurants in Old San Juan.OPEN DAILY 10 AM TO 10 PM - SUNDAY BRUNCH 10 AM

407 San Francisco St. SAN JUAN , 787-722-5205

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May 23, 2011
try the mafungo at cafe berlin. it's very good!!!

Jun 24, 2013
I love going to San Juan and walking through the streets and eating all the local food.

Jun 24, 2013
Cafe Berlin in San Juan Puerto Rico is a very popular cafe restaurant. Offering authentic Puerto Rican Foods. Popular with its home made and original guava bread spread and home made breads. Professional service, warm staff and waiters. Very good free internet WiFi and is very accessible to the ship. Unique theme like Moroccan concept. Walking distance to the ship.

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YURTA deli-cafe-market

Fresh and healthy food since 2002: Great breakfast, "criollo" lunches, gourmet sandwiches, fruit shakes and natural juices, multilingual service, Caribbean staff and Swiss management

San Juan , Puerto Rico , 787-977-0267 / 725-5076

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Jun 24, 2013
I remember Yurta Restaurant in San Juan Puerto Rico very well, very homy. it is a small restaurant nice indoor garden. Operated by nice couples. Offering authentic street foods like wraps. fresh juice. very accessible to the ship just walking distance up on the main street.

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St. Germain Bistro & Cafe

St. Germain is located off the beaten path in Old San Juan. It is a quaint European style eatery located inside a beautiful colonial building. Everything is prepared fresh the moment you order and the great food make it a memorable part of anyone's stay.

156 Sol St. Old San Juan , 787-725-5830

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ChopHouse Japanese & Chinese Restaurant

ChopHouse Restaurant is the new location for the former Zen Garden Restaurant in Hyatt Cerromar when the hotel was still there. It is a place to find all your favorite Oriental goodies. Specializes in Sushi, Teppanyaki grill, Chinese, & Japanese cuisine......over 200 items on the menus. Very popular for locals and repeating visitors. Reservation suggested on weekends.

425 Carr. 693 PMB 327, Dorado Dorado , PR , 787-796-8787

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blizz. frozen yogurt

Delicious Tart Frozen Yogurt and Smoothies with fresh fruit, candy and granola toppings. Get a healthy treat while enjoying free wi-fi in the best ambiance of Old San Juan

San Juan , Puerto Rico , 7879057931

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Raices Restaurante

Accompanied with our "mofongo", fried green plantains, or our typical rice and beans, you and your companions will experience the thrill of the unmistakable flavours of Puerto Rico. At Restaurant Raices we await you with the warmth and hospitality of our culture.

Old San Juan , 787-258-1570

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just found the best little restaurant hotel for breakfast or lunch in San Juan. Hotel Casablanca. amazing food, great atmosphere.

Jan 13, 2016

Cafe berlin in San juan is a great place for lunch. great atmosphere and the food is excellent!!!

Dec 01, 2010

blizz. Loved It!! The yogurt is delicious and the place is so cool, definetly going back again today for Passion Fruit !

Jul 20, 2010

Tantra was really nice and comfortable. Good place to have drinks with friends or take a date.

Jun 29, 2010

Senior frogs was a litte bit to wild for me. Lots of young people having a really good time

Jun 22, 2010

Tantra is a great place to have Martinis. The lounge donwstairs is really comfortable

Jun 22, 2010
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Info on San Juan


Puerto Rico lies between the Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea.  It is the easternmost and smallest of the Caribbean's Greater Antilles.  Miami is approximately 1,000 miles (two hours by plane) northwest of Puerto Rico.


The island's population is slightly under four million, with a slight majority living in and around the San Juan metropolitan area.


Puerto Rico enjoys a summery tropical climate.  Temperatures average 82 degrees F. (28 degrees C.) in winter and 85 degrees F. (29 degrees C.) in summer, and the trade winds provide constant breezes.

Port of San Juan
Paseo Concepcion de Garcia
Pier (Muelle) #4
Old San Juan, Puerto Rico
Travel Time: 8 miles from the San Juan International Airport; travel time is approximately 45 minutes. Taxi service is approximately $18.00 one-way.

Directions to the port:

Traveling from the San Juan International Airport
•    Leaving the airport, take Baldorioty Avenue.
•    Follow Baldorioty Avenue to San Juan (follow signs).
•    On the right, you will see a sign for Puentes Dos Hermanos (Condado Lagoon); stay in the left-hand lane and you will enter Puerta de Tierra.
•    After three traffic lights, you will see the waterfront.
•    Continue on Concepcion de Garcia Avenue until you reach the port.
•    Proceed to Terminal #4.

•    There is no port parking facilities at the Port of San Juan.
•    There are public parking facilities in the area surrounding the port.

San Juan, Puerto Rico's buzzing capital, preserves the island's Spanish heritage in its colonial neighborhoods. The cobblestone streets of Old San Juan teem with restaurants and shops and a large concentration of art galleries and museums. New San Juan has its charms as well, particularly in its more storied residential architecture in Santurce and Miramar. Golden sand fronts the coastal areas of Ocean Park and Isla Verde, where peaceful sunsets rub shoulders with a nightlife that rocks until the early morning.

Things to Do

Escape the high-rises and highways of central San Juan for the cobbled streets in the walled city of Old San Juan, lined with Spanish townhouses decorated with wrought-iron balconies. Castillo de San Felipe del Morro, perched on a rocky promontory, provides a view of the entire city. San Juaneros head to the golden sands of Isla Verde Beach to swim and snorkel in the calm, clear waters. Hop on a ferry and tour the nearby Bacardi Distillery. At nearby Luquillo Beach, families swim in the calm waters.


Expect to find bargains galore in Puerto Rico, from luxury goods to local crafts. Browse the couture emporiums on Avenida Ashford in Condado, or look for trendy clothes and electronics at Plaza Las Americas, the biggest mall in the Caribbean. A stroll down the narrow side streets of Old San Juan reveals shops filled with vejigantes (painted Carnival masks), unique souvenirs, books and jewelry.

Nightlife and Entertainment

Nightlife starts late, with high-rollers rolling the dice in San Juan's casinos and Latin beats pouring out from funky beach bars on Isla Verde. In Old San Juan, head uphill to Calle San Sebastián and Calle Cristo for a lively mix of bars and restaurants. To get into the clubs and discos, be sure to dress to impress. On Sunday nights, sip rum cocktails and watch the sun set over Old San Juan in the evocative Paseo de la Princesa.

Restaurants and Dining

San Juan holds many global culinary surprises including splash-worthy steakhouses and sushi emporiums in Isla Verde, or casual Italian and Mexican eateries in Condado. Sample the island's rustic criolla cuisine, a blend of Spanish and African influences, in rustic spots in Old San Juan. Fresh catches of red snapper (chillo) and dolphinfish (dorado) ) are two widely available local favorites. Street-food aficionados will delight in codfish fritters or deep-fried cheese. Wash it down with black coffee, Cuba Libre rum cocktails, or cold beer.

City Layout

Metropolitan San Juan includes the walled Old San Juan at the end of a long peninsula, Puerta de Tierra, the narrow bridge of land between San Juan Bay and the Atlantic Ocean that connects the Old City with the rest of San Juan. You can take a bridge into Condado, a narrow strip of land between the ocean and a lagoon, or continue on to the Miramar neighborhood, a neighborhood of beautiful residential homes whose once seedy waterfront section is being revamped into a world-class leisure development. The city also includes Santurce, its traditional downtown area, which has also been experiencing a revitalization in recent years, with large theaters and old apartment buildings being polished up so that the sector is starting to shine again like it did in its 1940s heyday. The Hato Rey financial district has taken on an almost futuristic look with its elevated Tren Urbano and distinctive Puerto Rico Coliseum, which has something exciting going on just about every week. Río Piedras is the site of the University of Puerto Rico and one of the best street markets in the Caribbean.

The Condado strip of beachfront hotels, restaurants, casinos, and nightclubs is separated from Miramar by a lagoon. Isla Verde, another resort area, is near the airport, which is separated from the rest of San Juan by an isthmus.




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