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Casa de Oro Jewelers

Casa de Oro Jewelers is world renowned for their classic timepieces, exquisite jewelery and a wide selection of fragrances, duty and tax free. Our duty free shops are well recommended and guaranteed by all the major cruise lines and hotels

19 Soni's Plaza Ocho Rios , 876-974-5392

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Gifts Etcetera

We have a good collection of Jamaican souvenirs, antiques, blue mountain coffee, t-shirts,crafts,Jamaican and authentic Cuban cigars, and all kind of liquors at very affordable prices. We also have free internet browsing with WiFi. We are located at Shop #6 Sand Castle Plaza, just a few minutes from the pier on the Main Street.

Ocho Rios, St Ann , 1-876-898-6233

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Jewels & Time

We have two stores in Ocho Rios. Jewels & Time at Tajmahal Plaza located about 12 minutes walk from the Cruise Pier, and at Island Village Shopping & Entertainment Center located right next to the Cruise Pier. “We promise to make your island shopping a fun experience !! We bring a friendly, low pressure shopping atmosphere enhanced by our knowledge & passion for the finest in modern jewelry & watches. Come on in, you can trust us to put a sparkle in your vacation”

Main Street Ocho Rios. , 876-952-3261

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Ocean's 11

Located at the gate of the Cruise Ship Pier, Ocean's 11 offers beautiful items in our two gift shops and a wide range of liquor at Cruise Booze Duty Free. We offer the best quality items at unbelievable low prices. You cant be closer to the ship than at Ocean's 11. Come in and taste Jamaican liquor and other products FREE of charge before making your selection. YOU CANT MISS THE BOAT AT OCEAN'S

Lot 6 Fisherman's Point Road Ocho Rios , St. Ann , 876-974-8444

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Soni's Plaza

This plaza is your one stop shop for duty-free shoping, offering good buys on jewelry, watches, perfumes, liquor and more. Top shops here include Chulani Jewelers (fine gold and gemstone jewelry, watches and perfumes), Casa De Oro (sells everything from Tiffany watches to Mikimoto pearls), The Gold Mine (features Krieger, Bulova, Swiss Military watches and fine jewelry) and others.

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Harmony Hall

Art lovers will enjoy a stop at Harmony Hall. The best place to shop for Jamaican gifts and art. Located in a beautiful, Victorian house, Harmony Hall was built in the mid nineteenth century as a Methodist manse with an adjoining pimento estate. Harmony Hall sponsors several art shows annually.

Ocho Rios , 876-975-4222

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Taj Mahal Mall

is an open-air mall and home to Hard Rock Cafe, Bijoux Jewelers (Breitling watches, Raymond Weil watches, Swarovski crystal, Baccarat crystal, Hummel figurines, Fendi leather), Casa De Oro (Mikimoto pearls, Fendi leather, Cartier leather, Tag Heuer watches, Tiffany watches and jewelry, Rado watches, and an extensive perfume center) and Mohan’s Duty Free Shop (crystal, perfumes, cigars, Cross and Parker pens and Swiss Army knives). You can also find Beauty braids and tattoos, Internet cafe, ATM machine, Currency exchange, and a one man band at the Tajmahal shopping center.

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Island Village

Island Village is Jamaica's newest shopping and entertainment attraction. Located on the beach just minutes away from the cruise ship pier in Ocho Rios, its picturesque open-air setting, boardwalk, natural spring lagoons and beautiful flowering trees provide a refreshing experience. Visit The Reggae XPlosion - the interactive Reggae exhibition, Internet Jungle, Jimmy Buffet's Margaritaville, Eight Rivers Gaming Centre, duty-free and curio shops, or simply relax on the beach. Island Village gives new dimensions to the visitor experience. Come for the experience - stay for the shopping.

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Jun 13, 2014
The Island Village in Ocho Rios Jamaica is a nice place to walk around . There are lots of shops and a Margarita Ville to enjoy. it is only about a 5 minute walk from the cruise terminal but along the way you will be asked by many locals if you need a taxi or need a guide or want to buy drugs. just say no thank you and keep walking. the people are friendly and just trying to make a living.

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Jewels and Time

Jewels & Time are family owned Duty Free stores situated in the Caribbean Island of Jamaica. Our stores are located in Montego Bay & Ocho Rios. We retail jewelry and watches at competitive prices to visitors from around the world.

Ocho Rios , Jamaica , 876-953-4600

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Ocho Rios craft market

is an outdoor market with over 100 vendors. This crafts market has everything Jamaican under the sun. from sandals to local woodcarvings to shell items, and straw goods. Tip: Don't settle for the first price! everything is negotiable.

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Jun 13, 2014
The Ocho Rios craft market is really nice. you can find some very unique pieces of art work like paintngs and wood carvings. but in order to get there you have to walk into downtown in the heart of the traffic and the people. so just be careful and try not to bring to many valuables as they may attract the wrong people. You can take the main road from the ship. turn left and walk about 15 minutes.

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Del Sol

More than anything else, our products have made us what we are today - they are the ingredients that add life to Del Sol's world of color and sunshine. We offer a smorgasbord of sun-painted products for everyone under the sun - all of which are unique above anything you've ever seen before, as they change color when exposed to sunlight. It's like having two nail polish colors in one or a shirt with twice the color and twice the appeal of any ordinary shirt. You can't find our popular products anywhere else because they're all originals.

1229A Turtle River Road Island Village Shops Ocho Rios , 876-675-8717

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Shopping in Ocho Rios is simple. They have 2 main shopping areas walking distance from the ship. Island Village and Taj Mahal shopping center. A little further away you will find Sony's shopping plaza. All carry alot of the same stuff and you will find local vendors selling a lot of wood crafts and local Jamaican souvenirs.

May 02, 2012

Island village is a short walk frot he pier and has everything your looking for. there isnt to many people harrasing you and the atmospher is really nice. there is also a beach there but you will have to pay $3 to access it.

Aug 28, 2010
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Info on Ocho Rios

Situated on Jamaica's northeast coast, the resort areas of Port Antonio, Runaway Bay, and Ocho Rios helped to launch large-scale tourism in Jamaica. Known for its abundant rainfall, verdant landscapes, rolling hills, and jagged estuaries, this region was once the preferred hangout for Noël Coward, Errol Flynn, and a host of British and American literati. Ian Fleming, creator of the James Bond spy thrillers, lived at Goldeneye near Ocho Rios.

Some 31km (19 miles) west lies its chief rival, the resort of Runaway Bay -- more secluded than Ocho Rios, and without the vendors or cruise ship arrivals. There's no real town here; it's mainly just a beachfront strip of hotels.

Just 8km (5 miles) to the west of Runaway Beach is Discovery Bay, whose name refers to the belief that Columbus first landed here in 1494.

A 2-hour drive east from Montego Bay, Ocho Rios was once a small banana and fishing port, but tourism long ago became its leading industry. Now Jamaica's cruise ship capital, the bay is dominated by an ore terminal and hotels with sandy beaches fringed by palm trees. The place is fine for a lazy beach vacation, but it's definitely not for anyone seeking a remote hideaway.

Ocho Rios is far lusher than Montego Bay, and many of its resort hotels boast private sandy beaches. On the other hand, golfing and nightlife are better in Montego Bay; if you want hedonism, head for Negril.

50miles/80km north-west of Kingston.
A major port of call for cruise ships, Ocho Rios offers the island's best shopping, a variety of nightlife and fairly good though often crowded beaches.
Its setting - on the edge of the jungle in a sheltered bay with a mountainous backdrop - is lovely, making it the ideal place on the north-eastern coast to spend some time
You can wander around town and spend time at the beach and visit enormously popular Dunn's River Falls.

Though Ocho Rios is surrounded by natural beauty - waterfalls, tropical gardens and jungled mountains - the town itself, with 5,800 residents, is little more than a hodgepodge of modern strip malls and shopping centers catering to tourists.
The markets are lively fun but be prepared to deal with aggressive vendors and lots of noise. Along the waterfront and within walking distance are high-rise resorts where you can swim, catch the sun and partake in your favorite water sport.
The only historic site of interest is Ocho Rios Fort near Reynolds Pier. The 17th-century structure has been renovated and contains two original cannons.

Sightseeing elsewhere
One of the most popular attractions in Jamaica is Dunn's River Falls. You can climb the natural steps to the top of the 600ft/180m tiered waterfall or just gaze at the falls from a viewing platform.
The falls can be slippery so wear a swimsuit and tennis shoes or swim socks. The safest way to climb is with a guide who will take you by the hand and lead you up the tiered falls and into some small caves.
There's a nice beach for swimming and sunning where the river empties into the Caribbean. The jungle setting is gorgeous but the area is highly commercialized. At the top of the falls is a village full of crafts shops, T-shirt stands and hair-braiding kiosks.
About 20miles/32km east of the port is Firefly, the late Noel Coward's retreat above the fishing village of Port Maria. At 1,000ft/300m above the coast, the estate offers a stunning view of Port Maria Bay and the town, with its old port and Anglican church.
Firefly was renovated in 1990s to evoke the heyday of the great playwright, who is buried in a corner of his garden precisely where he enjoyed his evening brandy.

Great Houses
If you're interested in Jamaica's historical and cultural heritage, you can't do better than visit the plantations and great houses. All are at elevations giving great vistas of the surrounding countryside.
Guides and workers share knowledge about wild and cultivated plants and usually offer samples of freshly picked fruit. Best of these working plantations is Brimmer Hall Estate, an elegant 18th-century home 18miles/29km south-west of Ocho Rios.
A tractor-drawn jitney tour of the 700-acre/280-hectare property covers the cultivation and harvesting of coconuts, bananas, coffee, sugarcane, cocoa and pimento.

Expect to be hustled and hassled by vendors selling everything from straw baskets to fresh pineapple

Water Sports
Snorkeling & Scuba Diving: Ocho Rios is not known for great diving but there are several nearby coral reefs.

Jamaica has more than 500 species of ferns, and many of them can be seen in Fern Gully, an old creek bed south of Ocho Rios that you can drive through.
Another way to explore the rivers and rain forests of Jamaica is to raft the beautiful White River on a sleek 30ft/9m bamboo raft-for-two. Be sure to wear a hat or rent an umbrella at the put-in point. Even though the river is mostly overhung with trees and ferns, the sun will appear, and it can be harsh.

Every local ethnic group has contributed to Jamaica's justly famous food. There's jerk, of course, a method of seasoning meat with pimento and pepper developed by the African Maroons; curry from the Indians; pita bread (called Syrian bread locally) and chickpeas from the Lebanese; and Chinese food galore.
Salted codfish, mackerel and herring are a legacy of slavery days. Salt fish and ackee, the island's traditional dish, combines salted cod with ackee fruit (which tastes like slightly sweetened scrambled eggs), served with boiled green banana, johnnycakes (flour dumplings) and bammies (cassava cakes).
With local meals, expect side dishes of rice and peas (red kidney beans cooked with coconut milk and white rice), yams, dasheen, sweet potato and boiled flour or cornmeal dumplings. And do try harddough bread - the local version of sourdough - and Jamaican hush puppies.
Top local fast foods include patties (spiced meat in a flaky crust) and any of the colorful fruits sold by the street vendors. Beer drinkers will want to sample the local brew, Red Stripe. If you prefer liqueurs, try locally produced Tia Maria.
Local food is a bargain but the more upscale international and Continental restaurants are pricey.
Several restaurants close to the cruise-ship piers serve local food.

Shopping Hours: Mon-Sat 9am-5pm or 6pm. Some close for lunch. Many close at 2pm on Thursdays. Most open Sundays if a ship is in port. Prices are marked in either Jamaican or U.S. dollars. Always establish the currency up front.
Ocho Rios is awash with shopping centers. Some contain only duty-free shops. Others house a variety of stores not necessarily geared to tourists.
Shoppers in search of duty-free bargains on French perfume, crystal, watches, cameras and electronic equipment should scout the centers along Main Street and DaCosta Drive.
Biggest of these are Taj Mahal Shopping Centre almost directly across from the terminal, Ocean Village Shopping Centre in the center of Ocho Rios, Pineapple Place just east of town and Coconut Grove Shopping Centre.
Shopping for island-made products requires determination, shrewdness and a good eye.
Most of the straw work, wood carvings and leather goods are of good quality but you'll notice a sameness in the merchandise.
You'll meet many aggressive vendors along the way. This can be very intimidating if you're not familiar with Jamaica. If you aren't interested, a firm "No thank you" should suffice. Keep walking. If you do see something you like, expect to bargain. It is a time-honored tradition, always conducted with humor and mutual respect. Never pay a vendor the first asking price.
Outside Ocho Rios are several studios where you can visit with the artists as well as view their paintings, sculpture, carvings and ceramic work.



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