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When is the best time to Cruise?
July 1, 2017


When is the best time to cruise?

Deciding when is the best time to cruise is really more about when is the best time for YOU to cruise. As the Cruise season has so many high and low seasons really depends on what You consider high and low season.  I know it sounds confusing but the Cruise Industry is really tricky when people talk about the high and low season. Let me give you an example.

Let's say you are a teacher and you work during the year and you have vacation times during Summer, Christmas and New Years. If this is your situation you know that during these times of the year the demand for cruising is really high because of all the kids and teachers and families that want to travel together, so naturally, because of this high demand, the prices for cruises are usually higher. So is this the high season? Well, some people would say yes because the prices are higher and the demand is higher. But is this a good time to cruise?

Well, for starters, Summer time from June to August is really hot in the Caribbean. So that is one thing to think about. You also run the risk of running into some rough weather as Hurricane season usually runs around this time but has been going into Sept, Oct over the past few years. So, cruising in the summer has its risks when it comes to guaranteed good weather. And the other thing is it is much more expensive to travel during these months. But if this is your only vacation time then you have to make the best of it. Going early in June or at the end of August is usually the best way to save some money during these higher priced months and June and July are the most expensive times. As for Christmas and New years, these are the two most expensive weeks of the year for cruising but do offer some really great memories as cruising during Christmas is lots of fun and the cruise lines usually do a pretty good job with lots of festive decorations and extra holiday shows. New Years is the biggest cruise of the year and offers a party that you will never forget. The cruise fare is higher but well worth it. If you have never been on a New year’s cruise I highly recommend it.

As for what would be considered low season, those would be the months while the kids are in school and there are no major holidays. During these months, you will see the prices go down and the weather usually more stable. You also  tend to not see too many children around so if a little peace and quiet  is what you're looking for then going on a cruise during these off-season months will be your thing. A lot of retired people and those who have flexibility with their travel dates will tend to cruise during these months as they can get 2 cruises for the same price as one high season cruise.

So, figuring out what is high season and what is low season really depends on what you’re looking for. Is it the weather or price you're looking for? Or is it traveling during holidays with family or traveling in the less busy months?

No matter when you cruise having a good time is not going to be a hard thing. However, you can get it wrong so it is important to make sure you do some research and speak to either friends or a 
travel agent  who can point you in the right direction.

From having worked on cruise ships for many years I have always preferred cruising during the down months where the prices were low and the ships were less crowded. These months would be from September to May excluding of course the major holidays. Summer cruising to me has never made much sense as I like to spend my summers at home and cruise during the colder winter months. Whatever your season is, make sure to make the most of it. Plan your cruise  months in advance and give yourself all the time you need to make sure you have organized your days, planned your shore excursion activities and give yourself enough time in advance to save for it to make it the best vacation ever.

Remember, I am here to help If you have any questions about cruising and are looking for an Agent to help you with planning your cruise. I have 10 years of Cruise Booking experience and will use my knowledge to help make the best plans and get the most value for your vacation dollars.

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