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Top beach Clubs in the Caribbean
June 13, 2017
The First beach Club that comes to my mind where the Beach is amazing, The sand is white and soft, The service from the Beach staff is excellent and the Club has all the ammenities and services you would expect and want when visint g a beach Club. The Club im thinking about first is The Boat Yard in Barbados.


I know Barbados isnt one of the most popular cruise destinations as it is in the Southern caribbean and not to many ships visit Barbados but if you have a chnace to visit this incredible island, Barbados has some of the nicest beaches anywhere in the world and the Boat Yard Beach Club resort in barbados is on the top of my list. Very easy to get to form the ship by hopping in a local bus. you pay one fee to get there and back. Entry at the club is cheap at about $10 and that gives you access to all the facilities, beach chairs, day beds, Great restaurant and food and local drinks and beers. Overall I give the Boat Yard in bardos an A+ for what they have to offer to cruise ship passengers for the day.

Another great Beach club that I love which recently went through a major renovations a few years ago is Paradise Beach Club in Cozumel Mexico. Agian this Club is very easy to get to, Just hop in a Taxi form the cruise terminal and tell them to take you to Paradise beach. About ten minutes away you will find a great facility with a brand new pool which is huge. has a kid area with shallow water and a beach swim up bar for the Adults. The beach has chairs, watersport activities and play parks in the water. Amazing mexican local sea food dishes and your typical mexican menu. All the necesary facilities to make sure you day is full of fun, Safe and memorable. Cozumel ofcourse is a popular choice and there are many Beach clubs to pick from but my favorite to date has been Paradise beach.


The last one ill mention today is Kontiki Beach in French St Martin. Kontiki Beach is a upscale trandy beach Club with a really cool European vibe. Amazing restaurant with authentic dishes which i highly recommend going there for lunch. They have Day beds along the beach, chairs, Music playing  and a frinedly staff. Take a taxi form the ship to the french side Orient beach Area and asked to be dropped off at Kontiki beach for a really great meal and good time in ST Martin.

Ofcourse there are so many other Beach Clubs to attend. I could mention atleast a Dozen more. To do your own research just browse through the website as we have all of these and more listed throught all the ports of call.

The main point Im getting at here is that, make sure you get out there. Dont just linger around the ship, do your research and find a really great place to visit and have some amazing memorable times on your next cruise.. The ports really do have alot of Secret spots and unique opprtunities for you to have a really great time.







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