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Picking the right Cabin for your Cruise
April 15, 2017
When it comes to picking the best cabin for your next cruise. A lot of important decisions will have to be made. But before you make these decisions you have to ask yourself a few questions.

the first question you should ask yourself is how much you can afford.


Depending on whether you chose an inside Cabin, and Ocean view, Balcony or Suite. the price will be a major factor. Of course, the Inside cabin will be the cheapest but it will also be the smallest.

How many people will be staying in the Cabin?

This is very important as some rooms are a lot smaller than others. For example on Carnival Cruise Lines, their cabins can range from 185 Square feet for an inside cabin to 345 Square feet for a Grand Suite Penthouse. Ocean View Cabins usually offer the most comfortable space at about 220 Square feet. balcony cabins have the same 220 Square feet but they are divided between inside and outside space being 185 inside space and 35sqft outside space.

Another important thing to think about is where you plan on spending most of your time onboard and if you have any mobility issues. This is important because Cruise Ships today are very big and moving around sometimes requires a lot of walking, taking elevators and time. If you know you plan to always be around the pool deck then maybe getting a cabin near the pool is right for you. Or if you like to be close to the casino that might be your option. again, important things to consider. 

If you are sensitive to noise a good rule of thumb is to always make sure you have a cabin above you and below you, that way you won’t be right underneath a disco or a loud area that will keep you up all night.
These are the basic rules to cabin selection. If you need more info, please leave a comment and we will reply.
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