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Choosing the right Cruise Line
May 22, 2017

Choosing the right Cruise Line for your dream vacation is a very important choice. It might be the most important decision you will ever make when it comes to you deciding to take on a lifetime of Cruise vacations. 

It is very common that the Cruise Line you choose for your first cruise might end up being the Cruise Line you end up staying with for most of the cruises you take. Switching between cruises lines is not that common as passengers get enrolled into Loyalty programs and tend to want to continue to cruises with the same line to receive extra benefits. But choosing the wrong cruises line could not only cost you a vacation in terms of not having the great time you expected but a lot of aggravation and money too.

here is a list of a view things to ask yourself and consider when choosing a cruise line.

Will you be traveling with kids? This is a very important question, or maybe you should also ask do you like spending time with kids. Because many cruise lines cater to families and kids. For Example, Carnival Cruise Line and Disney Cruise Line are family Cruises. They focus heavily on entertainment for Kids and families. These are very popular lines but if you prefer sitting by the pool, swinging in a hammock away from any signs of kids or loud noises, you may decide to choose a more Luxurious Cruise Line like Celebrity Cruises or Princess Cruise line which caters to a little older crowd on longer more exotic cruises where you don’t usually see too many young Kids running around the ship.

Another thing that will be a major factor in deciding what cruise line to cruise with will be your budget. You could have two cruises that both leave the same date from the same port and go to the same Destinations but be a totally different cost for the cruise. You could see that a Carnival Cruise on an 8-day cruise leaving from Ft Lauderdale Going to the Southern Caribbean would cost you about $2500 for a couple in a nice Balcony cabin, While just next to the Carnival Ship is docked an Azamara Ship with Celebrity cruise lines. It goes to the same 8 Day cruise to the Southern Caribbean but a balcony for two on that ship is closer to $5000. You might wonder why one ship is almost twice the price of the other and that comes down do all the amenities extra services the lines offer. 

It is important to do your research and speak to a travel professional so they can’t ask you the right question to help you pick the right cruise line.

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