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Road trip of a Lifetime
June 1, 2017

Who doesn’t like packing a bag and heading out on the open road to adventure? What better way to experience a new destination than hitting the open road with good company, a road map and a sense of adventure. If this sounds like something you would enjoy then this next Connection is for you. The Road to Hana on the Hawaiian Island of Maui is the road trip I am talking about today.

This trip will take you about 3 Hours to get to from Lahaina if that is your cruise port destination, and another 3 hours to get back. This is a full day trip that will require a little bit of planning and preparation but the experience will leave you with an amazing and almost life changing memory of your time in Hawaii. If you decide to embark on this journey you will need a few things, first of you will need to rent a car. You can find a rental car company on our website. One company I would recommend is Maui Roadsters. Imagine driving around in one of these cars around the island of Maui.

You will want to get off the ship early around 6:00 am and head to pick up your car from the rental company, head out to a local grocery store to pick up a few things for the car ride and head out on your way. Make sure to get a map. Your car rental place will surely give you one but there are many other great Road to Hana maps available. Just search online.
This drive will take you by some amazing scenery and lush rainforests. The Road to Hana is very windy and has a lot of breathtaking views of the coastline. One of the Sites you should stop and see is Twin Falls. These are a set of waterfalls that offer incredible scenery and also have a place where you can swim, just check out the picture below.

After a nice swim at Twin falls you can continue on your journey and find your way to Nahiku Market Place. They have an amazing restaurant there where you can try some local cuisine, fresh seafood, and their famous Kalua Pork Tacos. Another really cool thing to see along the way to Hana is the Hana Lava Tube. This is an ancient Lava tub in the ground. A huge hole that goes down hundreds of feet. They have a walking path that allows you go walk down into it.

One of the most popular things to do on this road trip is to hike down the Pipiwai Trail & Waimoku Falls also known as the Seven Sacred Pools. This place is truly magical and well worth the extra time it takes for the hike. There you will see waterfalls and small pools of water that you can go down and swim in.

As your making your way around the island it is common that once you reach Hana you turn around and then drive back the way you came. Most car rental companies will discourage you from taking the “back Road” back from Hana as the road goes from Paved road to Unpaved and has some pretty windy and curvy roads along the edge of the coastline. Sounds a little scary and it was. I remembered when I did it in a Jeep a few years back. But if you're up for it and the car rental insurance policy allows it (Mine didn’t) but I did it anyway. It is worth the extra adventure. However, I wouldn’t recommend that if going with the Roadsters I recommended above. The trip is truly unforgettable and left me with memories of Hawaii, and especially Maui that I'll have forever.

Make sure to keep an eye on the clock so you don’t miss the ship at the end of the day. Most ships that go to Maui spend at least 10-12 hours so you should be able to complete your trip, see all the sites and make it back in time
Check out the website for more tip on Maui and other great cruise destinations.

Until next time, Safe travels

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