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Is it time to start planning a cruise?
August 4, 2017
 If you are like me you enjoy your summers at home and cruise in the winters. But, this summer has been one of the worst I have experience in many years. It has either been weeks, going on months of cloudy rainy weather or the exact opposite incredibly hot and dry. Depending on which side of the country I was on.
So thinking of getting out of town and going on a cruise in the Summer is starting to excite me.
So If I am to take a cruise in the Summer which one will it be? Well, that's a good question because if you are not forced to cruise in the summer because you are a school teacher or in a career that only permits you to cruise in the summer. Summer in the Caribbean is Hot! it is also very crowded and busy with a lot of kids. Of course, depending on the cruise line you chose to cruise on.
Alaska would probably be the right place to go because you will find the weather and likely not run into too many kids if you're trying to avoid them. The Alaskan Tour season is in full swing and It would be really cool to go and do a Fishing tour or Helicopter ride over the Glaciers. Walking the streets in Ketchikan has always been a favorite of mine because the food scene there is fantastic. Alaska really comes alive in the summer season because winter is not very pleasant and the people there really enjoy all the tourist and summer activities.
Europe again is going through a heat wave and Planning a European cruise last minute is not the easiest thing to plan, but it is possible and you could probably find a pretty good deal now.
Honestly like I said cruising in the summer has never been my thing. Hopefully, the weather will change and I will have a chance to enjoy the summer here in my home town without having to plan a cruise. But when thinking about there is really no bad time to cruise. so if it's summer, fall, winter or spring. A cruise is a cruise and it's always nice to be onboard.
Remember I am here to help If you have any questions about cruising and are looking for an Agent to help you with planning your cruise. I have 10 years of Cruise Booking experience and will use my knowledge to help make the best plans and get the most value for your vacation dollars.
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