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Secret Spots Revealed
May 28, 2017
If you live in Canada or the northern US states you probably have been feeling the "May Blues". The weather has been terrible, cloudy and rainy every other day. It can get a little depressing. One solution is by just surfing the web and looking at pictures and videos of the sunny destinations you love, this is sometimes enough to make the dull rainy day blues go away. Check out our Photo Galley or Video Gallery to help with those rainy day blues. This week I thought I would share a few "Secret Spots" I have found over the years. Secret Spot #1 Destination: Bermuda Location: Warwick Long Bay Now you might have heard about this place, and maybe even been there, but have you explored the area? Warwick Long Bay is a secluded beach area about a mile down the beach from the popular Horseshoe Bay Beach area. If you take the local bus in Bermuda to Horseshoe Bay just stay on the bus until the next stop. You have to walk down a path for a bit and then you will see the long stretch of beach, usually empty from busy tourists. But if you walk over to the right you will start to find hidden paths through the trees that lead to completely private beaches, surrounded by rocks. You can find yourself a hidden getaway to spend the entire day in peace. One of my favorite places I have ever been to. Check out the image below. Secret Spot #2 Destination: Cozumel Location: Coconuts This place has been around for quite a while. I first went there about 15 years ago and it has gone from being a real "Secret Spot" to a favorite to many but it is still quite unknown to a lot of people and for some would truly be a new find. Coconuts in Cozumel is a Bar off the beaten path on the far side of the Island. To get there you have to either hire a van in a group and have the driver stay there with you or rent a Jeep or Dune Buggy and drive there yourself. I always rent a Jeep or Buggy when in Cozumel because there is just too much to see not too. As you drive around the island to the other side, you will find miles and miles of untouched beaches to explore. There is no electrical power on this side of the island so there is very little development. However a few places are open, one being Coconuts. They operate with a generator so they can offer some basic services like cold beers and food. To find Coconuts you will eventually see a small parking lot on the side of the road. Once you park, you will have to walk up a small hill and as you come out of the path you will see a small bar. It overlooks a cliff and has a spectacular view of the Caribbean sea. The funny thing is the reason why they call it coconuts. Over the years many tourists have visited the place and as you will find out it usually draws a fun crowd. Many of the visitors have posted pictures in the photo albums that line the bar. Many of them topless photos, hence the term Coconuts. If you're visiting Cozumel anytime soon, make sure to put this one on your list. This is a pic of the Bar at Coconuts Be sure to check out the website. We are always adding new connections for you. If you need help Booking your next cruise, Click here and receive lots of great offers and a chance to Win A Free Cruise
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